We are Lewisburg and Marshall County's Premier Consignment Sale!!

 Next Sale is May 24-27, 2013

This sale if you would like to donate items for the Lewisburg Animal Shelter Volunteers, we will gladly sell them for you in yard sale fashion and donate ALL the money (100% of LASV sales) to The Lewisburg Animal Shelter Volunteers.  Please mark as your consignor number LASV if you decide to do this.

 Starting the weekend after the Memorial Day Sale, May 31-June3, we will be open the following hours for your shopping pleasure, with new 'antique and unique' items added weekly:

Friday and Monday 10am-2pm

Saturday and Sunday 3pm-6pm

at our new location here at our farm at 676 Belfast Farmington Rd in Belfast (37091 to map)

About Us

In 2011 I started Rags 2 Riches as a combined estate sale and yard sale with a friend of mine.  To pay the rent on the building I took in consignors, and from there the sale took off!  I am ready to bring a great season of selling opportunities for you! I take in anything and everything.  If you can price it at at least $1, I will take it in on consignment for you!

We are in a new location now at 676 Belfast Farmington Rd Lewisburg TN 37091 to map. I'm located in Belfast but the mailman turns around in my drive so it's a Lewisburg address. I'm only 8/10ths of a mile off of 431South, the Fayetteville Hwy.

Do you want to have a yard sale but just don't have time? Have so much stuff you are running out of space? We are your solution!! Our consignors receive 70% of the selling price after paying a $5 participation fee, and volunteers and consignors shop both the consignment sale and the 1/2 price sale early. You just bring it to us priced and marked and we do all the sorting and selling, then you pick up your cash and unsold items.  It's that simple!!

The real demand in past sales has been for the following:


Primitive Antiques

Cast iron items 

NICE baby and adult clothing esp. larger sizes

Antique glassware

Usable household items


Toys (toys that need batteries must be working with batteries installed in order to sell)

Mailing Address: PO Box 31 Belfast TN 37019 

Sale Address: 676 Belfast Farmington Rd. Lewisburg, TN 37091

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Volunteers who sign up early will have a chance at FREE early shopping passes for a friend or loved one!



May 24-27, 2013

Please note...this sale only 10 items of clothing per consignor. I do not have the way or space to put lots of clothing right now. In the fall I hope to have a better way of handling clothing. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Dropoff will be Thursday May 23 from 9-5.  Pickup will be Tuesday from 9-5.



New Guidelines for Rags 2 Riches Consignment Sales


1.      Due to the amount of items that come in the drop offs will HAVE to occur between these times.  Please make plans now to make that possible. You may not drop off on Thursdays since the consignors and volunteers shop on Thursday afternoon/night. It has just been too hard to get all the items out for the sale when we have dropoffs on Thursday.

2.      If an item has been in a sale 3x chances are unless it is marked down it is NOT going to sale. Please remove these items from your dropoff items or reduce the price.  Buyers do not return if they see the same items over and over again. If I recognize items that have been in numerous R2R sales and they are not reduced in price they will not be placed on the sales floor. We simply do not have the room.

3.      Have all items labeled AND if clothing it MUST be hung on hangers. All items not labeled and hung correctly will not be put out for sale.

4.      All toys requiring batteries must have them in there. If the batteries are not included or we have to add them a $1 fee will be deducted from your earnings for each item requiring them.

5.      IF your clothing falls off hangers at home they will fall off at the building. Please prevent this from happening by securing them with safety pins as needed.  IF your clothing falls off the hanger more than once at the sale it will be removed from the sales floor and placed in a bin until pickup. I understand some will fall off every once in a while, but when the same item keeps falling off the hanger more than once it is not secure enough and it will be removed.

6.      All hangers must face LEFT.  This way all the tags are on the right corner or shoulder of the clothing and easier for the public to flip through them on the rack. Those items not hung this way will not be placed on the sale floor.

7.      Items that do not have a price on them will not be sold. I do not want to try and guess what you want to sell them for so please make sure everything you bring has a price on it. If you are unsure of what to ask I’ll be glad to advise you, but please make sure you have those items pulled to the side to ask me at dropoff for a price to put on the item.  Items pulled from your dropoff that are not priced will not be put on the sales floor.

8.      Stained and soiled clothing and items do not sell, not even for $1 or ½ price. Also clothing and items with musty or smoke smell do not sell.  Please do not bring these items to the sale. The exceptions to this are some vintage or antique items, but make sure they are priced accordingly.

9.      The ND or X for no discount on ½ price day MUST be in the bottom right hand corner of the index card and MUST be a RED ND or X.  It has become a problem when that notation is at different places on the card to see on ½ price day.  That day is SUPER busy and with some sales per person over 30 cards at one time you can imagine searching the entire card to see if it is discounted is a problem.

10.  Starting in Fall 2013 the Children and More Sale will become part of the Rags 2 Riches Consignment sale.  This will result in a larger audience due to the larger area of advertising R2R covers, which means more sales for you! This means you may bring all types of items to the Children and More sale including antiques and housewares. This will be less confusing to both consignors and buyers as to which sale is going on. We will still make sure mommies know that we are geared toward kids, and may even promote this by offering Expectant Mommy Shopping Night and other incentives! Watch our website(s) and Facebook pages for more information in the upcoming months. We will continue to accept Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter clothing at any time, however keep in mind in 90 degree weather a winter coat probably won’t sell. And when it is 10 degrees outside folks are probably not thinking short sleeves. Since the weather is unpredictable and we will have at least 6 sales a year I’m advising folks to bring the appropriate clothing for the time of year the sale is going on.

11.  PLEASE be sure to check the recall website for recalled items prior to dropoff. I hope to have a computer system up by the 2013 sales so we can check and see if items have been recalled if there are any questions.

12.  If 2 sales fall within 4 weeks of each other you may leave your items from one sale to the next. Starting in 2013 the consignors that leave their items with us will not be charged the $5 advertising fee. This is ONLY if the sales fall within 4 weeks apart. Usually this occurs twice during the year. Any large items may be left for up to 3 sales regardless of the time between sales.  After the 3rd sale item must be picked up or donated.  We will continue to accept donated items to either sell for PAWS or to take to Good Samaritan or Goodwill after each sale.  We also offer courtesy pickup within the county of your items if you cannot drop them off to us.  All items must be in bins that will be labeled with your number and returned to you after the sale.  This is especially helpful if you have large items you cannot bring yourself. There is currently no charge for this service as a courtesy to you our consignors.


The sale has become bigger and better than I could ever imagine, and with your help following these guidelines it will make it flow and be even greater than ever! We are the ONLY consignment sale of this type anywhere around. Folks from surrounding counties look forward to participating and buying from us, so lets make it worth their while to drive and shop with us! We have consignors as far as Hendersonville and Alabama, and have had inquiries from even further.


Please be sure to join the Children and More Consignment and the Rags 2 Riches Consignment Facebook pages.  That is where you can keep up with happenings and with the information regarding pickups, dropoffs, etc.  I’m not always available by phone and it will save you a trip to the building to drop off or pickup and possibly miss me.



The Why's and How's

We realize everyone does not have time to put on a yard sale.  This way you can sell ANYTHING (that's legal!) and all you have to do is price it and get it to me.  I do ALL the sorting, organizing, and repacking back to you.  After the sale you come and collect your cash and your leftover stuff, and get ready for the next sale!

Sales Mean Cash for You! - contact us now!


What will be at your sale?
Since I have no idea what folks will be bringing at each sale, I try to see what I have or what has been in previous sales and go from there.  Things we will have and have had in the past are glassware, lamps, books, cookbooks, DVD's, electronics, toys, vintage items, antiques, collectibles, nice clothing, furniture, baby itmes, outdoor items, shoes, kitchen items, framed pictures, sports items, plus much more.  

What forms of payment do you take at purchase?
We take cash and personal checks, and this year I will be able to take MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express cards at checkout through PayAnywhere on my Iphone.  There is no extra charge for this service but you must spend at least $5 to use this convenience.  I can also take debit cards through this app but only if they have the MasterCard or Visa symbol on them.  We are in close proximity to  banks including Ascend Federal Credit Union, First Commerce Bank, First National Bank, Bank of America, CB&S Bank, and First Farmers and Merchants Bank if you need to get more funds. Your personal check MUST include your information printed on the check, and I also require you to have your drivers license number and 2 phone numbers on the check.

What does it cost me to sell?
-- There is a $5 participation fee and a 30% consignors fee which comes from your earnings.  If you don't make anything at my sale I won't charge you, even the participation fee

How do I mark my items?
I will give you the process how to mark items if you have never been in a consignment sale before.  If you have been in any of my sales or another sale, as long as that number is not used you can use it in my sale

Can I shop early?
If you volunteer you can shop before consignors.  If you are a consignor you can shop before the general public.  I really love my volunteers and consignors and like rewarding them in this manner by allowing them to shop early.

When can I drop off items?
Before each sale I will have posted the drop off times.  As long as it does not get out of hand or interfere with my family life I will be glad to try to meet you at another time also.

What can I bring to sell?
Just about anything.  It has to have a value of at least $1.  You can combine items to come up with a package deal but must be taped together as one.  It has to be legal.  Please make sure your items are not stained, broken, or worn out please.  Those items just won't sell and take up valuable space.  Toys and items such a baby furniture must be compliant with the safety regulations of those items.  If you have any questions regarding a particular item check out the Product Recall Website: CPSIA http://www.cspc.gov . 

Is there a limit on what I can bring?
There is no limit.  You get it here, we'll try to sell it for you.

When can I pick up items?
Once again we will have specific times after each sale for pickup.  If you cannot meet these times we will work with you to pick up your items.

How do I get paid?
IN CASH!! When you pick up your items you get cash and the cards back of the items you have sold.

How do I get a number and how do I tag my items?
Your consignor number is the first letter of your last name and then the month and year of your birth.  For example Smith born April 3, 1970 would be Consignor # S0470.  You can give us the number at drop off.  For your tags use uncut 3x5 index cards turned long ways.  Safety pin tags according to diagram to clothing or tape card securely to other merchandise.  Leave 1" at top of card so card can be cut off at checkout.  Hang merchandise so hanger is facing left like a question mark.  If you do not wish item to be 1/2 off on the 1/2 price day, you must mark it with a ND (no discount) in the lower right hand corner.  Price to sell!! items should be priced at an amount you would be willing to pay.  Use $1.00 increments rather than .50 cents.  Label all clothing with the size in the upper right corner of the card.  Please have all items tagged PRIOR to drop off.  No marking of items at the building.  We will place items for you at the sale in organized designated areas.

Can I volunteer?
YES!! We love our volunteers! You can shop before anyone else at the sale, including the 1/2 price sale.You can volunteer 3 hours of work for early shopping advantages.  You can sign up at drop off.

Do I have to pick up my leftovers?
No, if you do not want your items that are left over just let us know when picking up your cash and we will gladly donate the items to our local Good Samaritan where they can go to helping families in need. We do this as a courtesy and there is no fee for this removal service.

How do I participate?
Contact me, Susan Ragsdale, at 931-246-0916 by either phone call or text.  Leave a message if you don't get an answer and I will get back with you soon.  Or you can email us by the link above and I'll fill you in on all the details.

Mailing Address: PO Box 31 Belfast TN 37019 Sale Address: 1113 E. Commerce St. Lewisburg, TN | 931-246-0916

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